Our school is like an extended family. The students give extra effort to working together and being respectful of each other. Our instructor, Danny Halligan, cultivates this family concept.

Danny Halligan studied various other arts prior to finding wing chun kung fu in 1991. He currently trains under Eric Li, and Eric Li trains under Ip Ching, the son of the great Ip Man. Danny teaches wing chun for the love of the art and for the enjoyment he gets from passing his knowledge on to his students. Danny cares deeply for his students and runs his school as a family. For this reason he screens prospective students to assure their fit into his wing chun family. Danny believes kung fu should be taught from the heart.


In addition to teaching traditional wing chun, for the past few years Danny has been providing physical skills training for various law enforcement agencies. These agencies include; from Illinois, North East Multi-Regional Training and the Illinois Tactical Officers Association, and from Texas, the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. You can find more information on Danny's law enforcment programs at www.halliganstraining.com.

The goal of this website is to encourage people to study wing chun kung fu. We encourage students of other styles as well as people new to the martial arts to consider studying this fighting art. In the following pages you will find information on our instructors, classes and the latest news from our schools. All classes are located in Brandon, Iowa. If you are interested in contacting us to find out more about classes you can e-mail Danny Halligan or call him at 319-361-1459.